PTU-Test von 3.4.2 dieses Wochenende

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    • PTU-Test von 3.4.2 dieses Wochenende

      Star Citizen Team wrote:

      January 11, 2019
      Dear Citizen,

      The PTU is currently open to all backers and we're looking to push the limits in testing this weekend. As we prepare the Alpha 3.4.2 patch for a live debut, we invite all backers to assist in testing concurrency and to try out some of the coolest ships in the 'verse for free. We're talking the Hammerhead, 600i, Hornet F7C Wildfire, Nox, and the full compliment of Cyclone and Freelancer variants - all available in your hangar when you log in.

      Also this week: find out why the Kabal system was abandoned, preorder some official merch, and celebrate the Rust Society with new Subscriber flair.
      Thank you for your continued support,

      The Star Citizen Team
    • Na was da halt eben steht :D
      Sie laden alle ein am PTU Test dieses Wochenende teilzunehmen und bieten einem dafür an exklusiv Schiffe für diesen Test claimen zu können. Darin enthalten sind Hammerhead, 600i, Hornet F7C Wildfire, Nox, Freelancer und Cyclone.

      Wer halt Bock hat, kann sich scheinbar das lokale SC anpassen um auf dem PTU Server(n) joinen zu können. Ist alles auch nochmal hier beschrieben:…2-ptu-1034140-patch-notes

      Die Patch-Notes dazu:

      RSI wrote:

      Feature Updates

      • Increased the time limit for visiting mission givers and adjusted the cooldown on various missions.
      Ships and Vehicles
      • Removed additional cargo capacity from 600i touring to match design intent.
      • Added restricted areas, similar to no-fly zones, specific to vehicles at Lorville gates.
      Bug Fixes
      • Perimeter gates at Lorville should no longer always show the gate as the transit destination on train displays.
      • Fixed incorrect mesh in some areas of Lorville's no-fly zone.
      • Fixed invisible collision area in one of the underground facilities on Hurston.
      • Missions should no longer fail if/when your ship is stored by ATC.
      • There should now be audible ambience in Lorville's admin office.
      • Opening the scanner while spooling your quantum drive should no longer cause a large drop in performance.
      • Fixed graphical issues in the hangar elevators at various rest stops.
      • Delivery lockers should no longer remain stuck open after abandoning the mission.
      • Multiple unrelated missions should no longer use the "bounty danger" text.
      • The Freelancer MAX should now have working headlights.
      • The Freelancer MAX should now be lockable.
      • Players should no longer have the option to "inspect" or "stow" delivery crates.
      • Fixed missing Ruto/Eckhart collect/delivery variant missions.
      • Increased turret respawn range at underground facility to avoid them respawning too quickly.
      • Expanded underground facility missions to accomodate more locations.
      • "Bad Token" text should no longer be present in the on-foot keybinds section.
      • The Reliant Kore should no longer have placeholder text on various VMA item ports.
      • Arena Commander classic race checkpoints should now properly trigger within the rings.
      • FPS combat AI should no longer exhibit a response delay after shooting the first opponent.
      • Ships should no longer have small holes in their shields that allow damage to pass through.
      • FPS AI should now consistently engage after the player runs away and returns to combat.
      • "Joker" ship weapon manufacturer should now have a logo.
      • Player bounty missions should now correctly appear.
      • Added audio effects to mining arm transitions.
      • The objective marker for the leader in a Scramble Race should now properly be a seocndary style marker.
      • The VMA should now save loadouts when used within player hangars.
      • Fixed 11 client crashes.
      • Fixed 4 server crashes.

    • Hammerhead =)

      Um ins PTU zu gelangen, müsst Ihr zuerst Euren Account dorthin kopieren,
      und dann den PTU-Launcher laden. Der entspricht dem normalen Launcher,
      funktioniert aber mit dem Test-Universe.

      Den Vorgang startet Ihr auf
      Geht dort in Euren Account-Setting auf den Punkt "PUBLIC TEST UNVERSE".
      Dort könnt Ihr die Kopie von Eurem Account ins PTU einleiten.